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Gentle effective medicine 

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine which uses carefully selected remedies to work with our innate natureal healing processes. Homeopathic medicines are made from a vast range of substances and the unique process of preparation renders them free of toxic effects. Treatment is tailored to you as a whole and unique person, not just to isolated symptoms or a particular diagnosis. Homeopathy can be useful for a variety of conditions, minor or major, acute or chronic. 
When is homeopathy particularly useful? 
to resolve persistent or recurring health problems 
when you want to try a different approach 
when conventional treatment is not appropriate eg in pregnancy 
if you know you could feel better eg always tired and 'not yourself' 
to support you through life's changes and difficult events eg bereavement, stress 

What kinds of problems respond to homeopathy? 

The homeopath is treating the whole person, not just a condition - every person is individual with their own way of experiencing both health and dis-ease. Clients seeking homeopathic help may suffer from a whole range of conditions, both acute and chronic. Give me a call, without obligation, to discuss how homeopathy may benefit you. 
What happens when I visit a homeopath? 
Your first appointment will last about an hour and a half. It is a conversation about your health history, your life style and you. A homeopath is interested in lots of detail because the remedies are tailored to suit you as an individual and the treatment is for you as a whole person. Energy, mood and attitudes, likes and dislikes, - food, drink, climate, activity, etc are all affected by or affect your health. 
One or more remedies will be prescribed for you. They are easy and pleasant to take and entirely non-toxic, so there are no side-effects. You will experience changes as your own healing response takes place. 
We will meet again after 4 weeks, to see what has changed and to provide further remedies as appropriate. How many appointments you may need depends upon many factors, including how long you have had the problem. Follow-up appointments last about 45 minutes. 
Complementary Health Information 
Can anyone use homeopathy? 
Homeopathic medicines are gentle and so can be safely used by anyone – including the very young, the frail or elderly, or during pregnancy, or alongside other treatment. 
Any questions? Choosing someone to work with you to improve your health is an important decision and I am happy to have an initial chat in person or on the phone to answer any further questions you might have about how I work or about homeopathy and your particular health problems. 
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Terms and fees for Homeopathy  ADULT First consultation (90 minutes) £50  Follow-up appointments (45 minutes) £40  CHILD (those under 12) First consultation (60 minutes) £45  Follow-up appointments (30 minutes) £35  These fees are for appointments at approximately monthly intervals and include the cost of the medicines. 

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