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Bowen is gentle and straightforward stimulating the body to re-align and rebalance itself.  
It promotes healing, pain relief and recovery of energy. 
Effective, gentle & relaxing 
Bowen is used successfully for many conditions some of which are: 
Back / neck pain, joint pain (hips, knees, shoulders, elbows) 
Asthma, hayfever and respiratory complaints 
Menstrual / menopausal problems 
Chronic fatigue 
Digestive problems, including infant colic and IBS 
Sciatic-type pain 
Sports injuries 
Trauma (even long after the event) 
Sleep difficulties 
Bowen 'moves', as they are called, create a slight disturbance of the body tissues triggering the healing response. 
How it's done 
Using fingers and thumbs, gentle movements are made over soft tissue at specific points. No massage or manipulation is used. 
There are frequent intervals to allow the input of the movements to be absorbed. These breaks are therapeutic and extremely important. 
Treatment is usually given through light clothing. 
It's suitable for all age groups. 
What to expect 
During a course of treatment a person may become conscious of tender or painful areas of which they had previously been unaware. 
Patients can experience, for example, a tingling sensation or feeling of warmth in a part of them that may or may not have been treated. It can be as bizarre as work on the head resulting in sensations in the feet! 
Some people almost fall asleep during treatment. They are surprised that such minimal practitioner / patient contact achieves such a great deal. 
How many treatments would be needed? 
Generally 3 or 4 treatments at weekly or 2-weekly intervals bring total or significant improvement and relief. Additional sessions may be necessary. 

Terms and fees for Bowen Treatment  First appointment (up to 1 hour 15 mins) £47  Follow-up appointment (up to 55 mins) £40  Any homeopathic remedies recommended during Bowen treatment are charged additionally at £6.00 per prescription  A full fee will be charged if an appointment is broken / cancelled without 24 hours notice. 

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